Portofino Dry Gin
 Art Direction, Photography

Alexandre Kissajikian 
Branding, Lettering, Illustrations

Vogue Brazil Magazine
Editorial Design, Art Direction

Interactive Livestreams
Lead Design, Art direction, Concepting

As a lead designer and art director, I created concepts, constructed moodboards, designed visuals and took an active part on the production of the most interactive live streams. Some of the works include Tim McGraw's Live Experience, Two-Headed Dreams (a unique magic show with Jack Black and Jason Sudeikis' guest participation), Billie Eilish's "Where Do We Go" Livestream – that was translated live into 4 languages –, The Jon Bon Jovi Experience, Bud Light Seltzer Sessions NYE 2021 (with performances by Post Malone, Steve Aoki, between others), Apple's First Listen: Olivia Rodrigo and Lady Gaga Celebrates Love for Sale. Each prodution was unique and needed a different kind of creative stimuli to be built. More on each show soon.

Brown Burger   
Art direction, Branding, Lettering