Chega de Fiu Fiu;
branding, illustration, lettering

Project: Branding and Illustrations for the project Chega de Fiu Fiu

Year: 2013

Task: Branding, illustrations

Client: Think Olga

Story: Chega de Fiu Fiu (translated: No More Catcalling) is a campaign against sexual harassment created by the NGO Think Olga.
The goal was to send powerful messages through “cute” illustrations so people could share on their social media.

Translation of the messages:
1. “Wow, he catcalled me, now I’m gonna be available - said nobody”;
2. “Do you think catcalling me in the streets is a compliment? Your mother doesn’t.”;
3. “Walking through a public space doesn’t make my body public”; 
4. “ ‘Some women like it’ - well, you can’t play russian roulette until you find one”.

This series of illustrations was my first work exploring lettering and illustration. I’ve improved a lot after that, but I’m still proud of it.

Featured on Huffington Post, TEDx Talk, Wikipedia