Ink Brothers;
creative concept, innovation, advertising, video editing, branding
with Chen Yaari, João Vitor Soneghet, Florestan Roesemann and Manuela Rondon
tutored by Florian Weitzel, David Herrmann, Marlon von Franquemont, Rainier Gorissen

Task: Innovation briefing for student awards 
My role: Art direction, video editing, branding

All over the world, indigenous tribes disappear along with their unique cultures, due to greed and exploitation.
Amnesty’s Ink Brothers is a campaign intended to raise both awareness and funds in order to fight this injustice. In many tribal communities, tattoos are a way of welcoming new members.

To make people part of this cultural heritage, they will be able to be remotely tattooed by tribe members through motion capturing tablets and simple robotic arms. This way, an incredibly personal bond is created and the tribes’ unique culture lives on under the skin of the supporters.